Balneario de Ledesma is one of the largest thermal spa resorts in Spain. Apart from its balneotherapy and medical facilities, it offers a 3-star hotel with a total of 491 rooms, surrounded by the dehesa natural pastures, on the banks of the river Tormes, as well as two apartment blocks ideal both for families and for enthusiasts of activity holidays.


The bright and spacious rooms -suite, double room with shower/bath, double room with bath and single room with bath- are equipped with Wi-Fi, phone, TV, heating and fridge. They all have a view and large windows over the fantastic natural landscapes.

In addition, there are lounges on every floor, where guests can watch TV or a film, read a book, or socialise with other guests, having a chat or sharing a game of cards.

The spa hotel also offers the following conveniences: computer and Internet room, library, dining room, café bar, sports facilities, doctor’s surgery, chemist’s, hair salon, shops, laundry room, garage and public car park.

Self-catering apartments

Habitación del Balneario de Ledesma

The 35 self-catering apartments rise a step away from the spa, within the grounds of the Baths of Ledesma -five of them are in a shopping area. They offer comfortable accommodation and are fully furnished with all you need to spend a few days in the company of family and friends. They provide an ideal half-way solution for anybody looking to have a relaxing break at the spa and to enjoy the leisure pursuits provided by LedesmActiva.

When it comes to food and drink, a first-class buffet restaurant offers a wide range of healthy options drawing on the products, dishes and traditions of the Castilian and Mediterranean cuisines.

Its sport facilities (outdoor pools, sports fields, bowling alley), its parks and walks, featuring a music kiosk and a riverside walkway, and the wealth of possibilities offered by the characteristic Dehesa landscape and by the river Tormes, allow visitors to enjoy nature at its best and to indulge in all sorts of outdoor activities like hill walking, mountain biking, canoeing, abseiling, bird watching, horse riding and many others, always with the spa as the starting point.

The hotel also features a couple of shops providing a selection of souvenirs or local food products for visitors to take home, a pharmacy, a hair salon and a church.

Instalaciones del Balneario de Ledesma


The thermal baths, built alongside the river Tormes over the area of basins and tanks used by the ancient Romans and the Arabs, have been arranged in two areas separated by the Reception. Here, visitors can obtain useful information and purchase all the necessary gear like swim caps, swimming wear, robes, towels and slippers.

All areas are staffed with highly skilled professionals who will provide advice on the most suitable treatment. One of the strengths of the spa is the medical facility, specialised in Medical Hydrology.

Balneario de Ledesma are pioneers in the development of social and family balneotherapy programs in Spain, fostering health promotion and disease prevention through affordable thermal water cures.


In the thermal baths, visitors can enjoy the following treatments:

1. Basic spa circuit in the Baths (approx. 2 hours), including:

  • Dynamic thermal pool with concentrated hydrojet to loosen up contractions from the upper/middle back and neck muscles. Hydrotherapy beds (to relax and relieve joint pain), aquafit bikes (to facilitate rehabilitation and hydrostatic pressure movements and to boost blood circulation), back hydrojets (for percussive massage and an overall stimulating effect), hot tub (to tone and relax the upper body and lower limbs) and hydrotherapy bench seat (to tone and relax the muscles).
  • Jacuzzi
  • Circular showers
  • Hydrojets
  • Vertical showers
  • Foot and hand baths
  • Steam rooms (stoves)
  • Inhalations (respiratory improvement)
  • Aerosols
  • Mani-pedi-jets (hydrothermal extremity baths)

2. Massages: relaxing, therapeutic, sports (deep-tissue massage to treat sports injuries), circulatory. Please, talk to our professional staff.

3. Mud wraps: poultices or masks made of paraffin and mineral-rich mud of volcanic origin that can be applied locally to one or several parts of the body.

4. Hydrotherapy tubs.

5. INDIBA treatments (pain therapy that uses specialised technology based on non-invasive radiofrequency; very popular among sports medicine practitioners, physiotherapists and plastic surgeons).


In Balneario de Ledesma, you will find the most innovative and effective beauty and wellness treatments, performed by highly qualified professionals. Join us and enjoy the tranquillity and well-being that your body and mind need. Our philosophy centres on providing comprehensive beauty and wellness services, to pamper you with personal care and bespoke treatments. The following are some of our signature treatments:

1. Pressure therapy: it boosts overall blood circulation and, in particular, venous return and lymphatic drainage. Highly recommended for heavy legs (perfect for sports people). Intense draining and toning effect.

2. Facials and pedicure: Ultrasound exfoliation, facial cleansing, skin regeneration through the reactivation of cells in the dermis and the epidermis. Soothing and regenerating sessions.

3. Ichthyotherapy: this is the use of fish such as the Garra Rufa to cleanse and regenerate the skin, particularly useful to combat eczema and psoriasis and to heal wounds (regenerative effect). Thanks to the massage that the fish perform while sucking, blood circulation is improved, feet and hands relax, and the skin is pleasantly exfoliated and thoroughly moisturised.

Tratamientos faciales en el Balneario de Ledesma


Balneario de Ledesma has launched a new line of high-quality cosmetics and beauty products which includes creams, soaps and gels, especially formulated by a specialised laboratory for the Montepío Group.

This spa line harnesses the natural healing powers of the mineral-rich waters of Ledesma, which have been used to treat skin conditions since time immemorial.