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Nature tourism: Ledesmactiva

LedesmActiva, the Activity Tourism Centre established by Balneario de Ledesma, is now up and running with a wide range of leisure activities for our clients to choose from:

  • Canoeing down the river Tormes with wildlife viewing and birdwatching trails.
  • Mountain biking crisscrossing the dehesa, with guided tours.
  • Trekking + Abseiling down the “Roca de Juzbado”, next to the Museo de la Falla (this geology museum offers tours with explanations in Spanish and English).

There are also special packages (activities + buffet lunch + summer pools with waterslides) and special prices for groups.

The activities are targeted for both children and adults (special family deals) and are always supervised by qualified instructors.
Call +34 923 149 100 and sign up.


On the doorstep of the monumental city of Salamanca, one of the most thriving inland tourist destinations, both domestic and international, Balneario de Ledesma nestles in scenic and rich in history countryside, a gateway to vast expanses of Castilian and Portuguese territory, packed with natural jewels and heritage treasures.

We strongly recommend you treat yourself to a getaway in Salamanca, the city boasting one of the oldest University in Europe, founded in 1218. A modern city, with an outstanding historic and artistic heritage, among which the cathedral, the Plaza Mayor and the Art Noveau and Art Déco Museum housed in Casa Lis.

Nearer still, hardly 9 Km from the Baths, is the town of Ledesma, where the medieval history of Castile oozes from every corner and where visitors can stroll and wander at leisure. Nearby Juzbado, Vega de Tirados, San Pedro del Valle, Almenara, San Pelayo de La Guareña… offer snippets of local history, spanning Romanesque churches, monasteries, hermit’s caves, museums, visitor centres such as the one for Falla de Juzbado, or the Fundación Tormes. Juzbado is an award-winning town with a strong commitment to the urban interpretation of poetry.

Not far from here, visitors will be tempted by an array of other sightseeing tours: the Portuguese town of Miranda do Douro, with the nearby Arribes de Duero Natural Park, the charming town of La Alberca, the heights of Peña de Francia, or historic Ciudad Rodrigo, all in the province of Salamanca. Zamora and Toro (a wine Denominación de Origen among the most renowned in Spain) are also possible destinations.

On certain dates, Balneario de Ledesma organises excursions to the above places: contact us… a perfect mixture of relaxation and adventure, culture, history and wellbeing revolving around the Baths.

Fachada de la universidad de Salamanca
Catedral de Zamora